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ratchet straps securing a pallet in a van

Ratchet Straps


Ratchet Straps can be a couriers best friend at times, and no matter what kind of work you plan on doing, it makes sense to always have some available. Okay, so if you are a parcel multi-dropper then you won’t have much of the time or inclination to bother with straps. But occasionally…(Read More)

couriers tv image of rocket launch

We are GO for Launch


I repeat, we are GO for launch! Push the button, start those engines, whatever you want to call it – we can now officially say we are ready to make Couriers TV public. There are still things to ‘tweak’ behind the scenes and of course it will probably take another year until every little thing…(Read More)

child reaching to push a button

That’s right. After months of hard work it’s almost time to hit the launch button on the Couriers TV project. Right now we’re 80% excited, 20% nervous, but those figures could change at any moment. Luckily the check sheet of jobs to do is being ticked off quickly now and there are…(Read More)

Start line 100 metres sprint

This project has been a long time coming, but for anyone that has been visited us previously, you should have started to notice a big difference now. We’re on the road that leads us right up to the starting line now and almost ready for the green flag. For a long time the issue…(Read More)

girl making snowballs

We’re Snowballing


That title has nothing to do with the weather or any kind of winter pastimes. It’s purely in reference to the way the moment is starting to pick up with the Couriers.TV project. This idea has been in the planning for sometime now, and when you’re effectively doing everything on your own…(Read More)

Image of foundations

The Foundations


Before you ask, that isn’t the name of some dreadful pop band. Well, it might be, but I’ve never heard of them. To me it’s just a blog post title, one that signals the very beginning of what I hope will eventually become something worthwhile. I’ve always tried my best in…(Read More)