Same Day Courier Network (SDCN)

Official Logo of Same Day Courier Network SDCN

Basic Background A trading-platform for couriers & hauliers. That’s the simple statement that greets you when you visit the Same Day Courier Network (SDCN) website. And simple statements are good with us – they clarify exactly what you should expect from a particular product or service. I believe this platform was launched around 2018-2019, and […]

Courier Exchange (CX)

Courier Exchange CX Logo Large

Basic Background If you’re new to the industry and don’t know your CX from your MT Vans, then here it is; The Courier Exchange is one of the oldest load-share/networking platforms in the industry – and it’s been the leader in this field for many years. How did we review Courier Exchange? We have been […]

MT Van

MTVan Logo Large

Basic Background On the MT Van website it states The UK’s No.2 Courier Trade Website​. That claim is far from the mark. How did we review MT Van? We used it when we were first starting out, around 2013-2016 (at a guess), and back then it had potential. It seemed like things were on the […]


Courier Compare Network Logo

Basic Background A Same Day Logistics Marketplace App for Couriers​ How did we review Loadie? We were actually users of it for the short period of time it was in operation. Never managed to win any work from it, mostly because there never was any. The information below is from the original review we did […]

Courier Compare Network (CCN)

Courier Compare Network Logo

Basic Background “Keeping Courier Drivers In Work” is the big and bold claim of the Courier Compare Network, aka CCN. Although as we found it back in 2018, it failed miserably. How did we review Courier Compare Network? This time around in 2023 we were unable to do a full user review as the free […]


DeliveryApp Logo

Basic Background As anyone that ever joined ‘Larry the Loadie’ will know, sometimes the new-wave of ‘Uber’ style apps that appear for couriers crash and burn very quickly. They arrive with good intent and great ideas, but somehow they just don’t seem to pull in the users they need. It’s all about the battle of […]